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Crisis, Fear Have Driven U.S. into National Security State

The U.S. has become a national security state driven by crisis and fear. This week’s revelations that the National Security Agency has turned its vast spying capabilities onto Americans’ communication — their phone data, email accounts and Facebook profiles, according to reports — undermine the promise that America is a democracy in which citizens are,…

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As House Hears Testimony on National Security Leaks, Time is Ripe to Examine Impact of Wikileaks

Wiki Leaks is back in the headlines. This time, its target is Syria’s repressive Ba’athist regime and potentially anyone who has e-mailed with that government over the past six years. If you care to read them, Wiki Leaks will be releasing about 2.5 million e-mails — 100 times the volume of data released in the “Cablegate” dump. As…

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Muslim New Yorkers Still Waiting for Answer

On March 22[, 2011], a group of Muslim community organizations, civil rights leaders, and members of the New York City Council held a press conference at City Hall, calling for answers to questions of racial and religious bias in New York City Police Department training material. The press conference, hosted by the Muslim American Civil Liberties…

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What Secrets Should a Democracy Keep?

Last month, experts ranging from government officials engaged in the fight against terrorism to Ivy League historians assembled at The New School in New York to discuss what secrets a democracy should keep. That question – vexing to any nation that values both popular knowledge about government affairs and the advantages that some secrets bring…

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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: An Expensive Closet

It costs the American people an estimated $36 million a year, embarrasses a quarter of the American population, is rarely enforced, and has virtually no effect on new recruits’ decision to enlist, according to available data. So, why is the military’s anti-gay policy still in place? “Don’t ask, don’t tell, don’t pursue, don’t harass,” 10…

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